Mergers & Acquisitions

Being a financial services group, we are proficient in working with several business organizations and have built firm relationships with companies and investors. With the right people, connectivity, and innovation, we can get you the best possible solutions to your acquisition needs. Our access to global investors and our broad range of complementary services sets us apart from the rest of the advisory firms. With deep industry knowledge, we help companies reach their strategic goals by identifying and implementing opportunities. Our highly-experienced team offers a seamless range of M&A services to ensure you get the utmost value. CapSavvy’s leading advisors can help you wherever you want to acquire.

We offer all aspects of Mergers and Acquisition Services such as:

Initial Stage

Identifying the right opportunity

-Purchase and sale of businesses

-Industrial units in India/Abroad

-Formulating appropriate buy/sell strategies

Strategic Investors

-identifying strategic investors

-Cross borders M&A

Deal making & Funds

-Assistance in the negotiation process

-Assistance in compliance with business

-Legal due diligence

-Transaction documents

-Advising on court processes

-Arrange acquisition finance